My Beethoven recordings

I want to share the recordings of two piano sonatas by Ludwig van Beethoven with you, which I recorded at home this month. There might be hundreds of better recordings out there, but at least you can find out, how I play them.

Ludwig van Beethoven
op. 13 “Pathétique”

1. Satz – Grave/Allegro di molto e con brio

2. Satz – Adagio cantabile

3. Satz – Rondo Allegro

Ludwig van Beethoven
op. 31 Nr. 2 “Der Sturm”

1. Satz – Largo/Allegro

2. Satz – Adagio

3. Satz – Allegretto

New EP: Aquatic Cosmos


“Aquatic Cosmos” is a four track EP. While I usually don’t use drums in my Ambient music, this EP consists of four tracks, which are build around subtle rhythmic patterns. The title track was recorded live during my Ambient Night 14 stream, and the other three tracks are mixes, that I have been working in this year, without releasing them. I hope that you enjoy this “chill” version of Martin Stürtzer!

Album Release “Circular Oscillations”


“Circular Oscillations” is the second album by Martin Stürtzer, recorded with the concept of a vinyl release in mind. Each of the six tracks features Stürtzer’s unique style of sequencing analog synthesizers, along with atmospheric pads and drones. Both formats (vinyl and digital) have received their own mastering to address the individual requirements of each medium and ensure the best listening experience.

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