My Beethoven recordings

I want to share the recordings of two piano sonatas by Ludwig van Beethoven with you, which I recorded at home this month. There might be hundreds of better recordings out there, but at least you can find out, how I play them.

Ludwig van Beethoven
op. 13 “Pathétique”

1. Satz – Grave/Allegro di molto e con brio

2. Satz – Adagio cantabile

3. Satz – Rondo Allegro

Ludwig van Beethoven
op. 31 Nr. 2 “Der Sturm”

1. Satz – Largo/Allegro

2. Satz – Adagio

3. Satz – Allegretto

17 thoughts on “My Beethoven recordings”

  1. Thank you for the wonderful gift! My two favorite Beethoven sonatas. Your musical talent has no borders. Please record more!

  2. Hi Martin…..As a fellow musician who also branches out in electronic music as you, I always follow your electronic music page on FB, which is inspiring. Here you surprise me again with your well rounded talent from the opposite end of the spectrum. Well done…..oh, and Happy Holidays to you and Neptun!!!!

  3. Happy Christmas and thanks for sharing your musical talent on the web.
    You’re a great pianist too!
    We used a track of yours in a small Jesus meditation session in our small church. ( Hope that was ok!)

  4. Amidst the winter’s quiet, a captivating blend of ambient sounds and classical notes fills the air, transforming the ordinary into a timeless celebration, where the gift of Christmas dances through entire stories untold. Thx Martin, I’ve bought your entire collection and very much enjoy it.

    thx enjoy your xmas with kind regards,

  5. Lovely music. Thanks for sharing, it’s an absolute delight. Have you thought of perhaps doing a synthesizer version as an homage to Wendy Carlos?

  6. I’m here to comment several months since Martin posted these recordings (late May of 2024 to be exact.) And I was just wondering ~ as I’ve been a fan of Martin’s electronic LIVE streams and have seen how simpatico he and his cat Neptun are during those performances ~ I wonder how does Neptun respond to your playing on an acoustic piano, Martin? Where does he position himself; on or near the piano you play? Or does he leave the room to forage for spectral visitors in the corners of your abode? I can only imagine that the vibration of a physical piano must be so much stronger than the music Neptun experiences from your studio monitors when you play electronic compositions that here must be an observable difference in his response. Yes/No?

    1. Hi Alex! Neptun also likes the piano, although it is louder than my music in the studio, where I usually work with low volume. He likes to sit on my piano chair with me or sleeps at the window next to the piano.

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