Home Concert 59

Welcome to the 59th edition of my Home Concert series. In this set I present five new Ambient tracks. I used a few instruments, which I had not in my studio for a while. Like the Moogerfooger Ringmodulator, the Modular system and the Waldorf Microwave 1 (in the rack off screen). Music was arranged in Bitwig using midi for the hardware synths and also a few software instruments. My main controller is the Midi Fighter Twister with a script for Bitwig.

Home Concert 58

Welcome to the first home concert of the new year. For this liveset I recorded five new tracks in between Ambient and Downtempo music. The Elektrons are back in business and taking care of the drums, some sequences and rhythmic patterns. Synthesizer sounds are mostly from my hardware synths, controlled via Midi by Bitwig.

The music of this Home Concert will be released on Bandcamp and the streaming services on the evening of Sunday, 7th.

Home Concert 57

Welcome to the 57th edition of my home concert series. This set features tracks from my new Dub Ambient EP “Aquatic Cosmos”, as well as two unreleased tracks. As you can see from my worried facial expression this set was very complex to arrange, while Ableton struggled handling the 41 midi and instrument tracks. This is my last liveset in 2023, thank you very much for your support!

Home Concert 56

Yesterday I released the 56th edition of my Home Concert series.

Part one is a new version of a track that I first recorded with the Jupiter 8 inspired synth by Black Corporation.

Part two starts with atmospheric pads, followed by a lot of sequences. I used pretty much all of my synths to record that track. Since I got the Kenton Midi interface for my Juno60 I can finally use it for programmed sounds!

Part three starts with a few sequences from the TAL-J-8 and I play a solo lead sound which I programmed to mimic a guitar. I use the Push3 controller to dynamically play the patch.

Part four closes the set with a 20 minutes long ambient piece in which most of the sounds are played live on the keyboards.

Home Concert 55

What started as a spontaneous idea a few years ago became a tradition that I am looking forward to a lot: My three hours long birthday session! Most of the music will be improvised and recorded during the stream. I prepared some sounds and sequences but the idea is to leave enough space for ideas.

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